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Meet Houch, one of Eight pups born on March 4, 2017. He is a brown cocker boy pup mix with a docked tail, possibly mixed with Pointer. He looks more pointer than cocker, but this could change as he grows up, not sure. The mother was a petite, very pretty blondish/amber colored cocker spaniel with a nice disposition. She was picked up by NC Animal Control as a stray. When no owner showed to claim her, the shelter asked for rescue help as she was very pregnant with puppies. Eight days after we got the mom, the pups were all born on a sunny Saturday.

He is a friendly, sweet boy puppy with great socialization skills with his siblings. He loves to run and play. Some of his brothers and sisters have already found their new forever homes. Their mother was loving and a very attentive mom. They are all well socialized puppies who get along pretty well and have had proper food and vet care since birth. He is current on necessary puppy shots and deworming. We cannot tell you just how big he will get, we think he could be as much as 40 pounds, more or less depending on how big the father was in comparison to his 18 to 20 pound cocker mom. At 6 months old, you will be required to get him neutered and send proof of neuter paperwork back to this rescue for our files.

His adoption fee is $400

NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE FILL OUT AN APPLICATION TO BE APPROVED. Incoming applications will be reviewed and call backs made. The rescue is very busy every day, AM to PM. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.